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Extra Services for Your Retreat

Extra Services for Your Retreat

Sessions for your Event

Yoga Sessions for your Retreat

$60 for up to a 90 minute session

Shannen Bedilla is a certified yoga instructor and aerial dancer. A lover of dance and movement Shannen majored in psychology in University and discovered yoga as a way to combine her passions for movement and improving the human mindset. 

A native of Costa Rica, Shannen has been teaching for over 8 years. In her fun, engaging classes she works with all skill levels to get your body and mind into healthy conversation. Her goals is to develop consciousness with movement and meditation as a path to inner freedom. 

Chi Gong (Taoist Yoga) Sessions

$100 for up to a 90 minute session

Hailing from Isreal, Ariel Mayrose has been teaching Qi Gong for over 15 years.  Qi gong is a branch of the Chinese medicine, regarded as a self-healing practice (Qi = energy, gong = practice). We practice paying attention to the energetic flow within the body, to the different energetic centers, and how each center affects the other. 
Qi gong is a meditation in motion, in which we connect to the present moment and act within it. It is considered a holistic art that combines three "dimensions", or aspects, of our being: body, emotions (heart) and consciousness.
The practice strengthens and flexes the body, releases energetic blockages, balances and heals the emotions and quiets the mind.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Session

$450 for the first 2 hour group session
$150 for additional 2 hours session on subsequent days

Kimmi McComas was trained in sound healing by Michelle Berc of Sonic Being, in Los Angeles. In each session you book with Kimmi you will receive an aura clearing and the share of essential oils to ease participants into the sound journey that awaits, accompanied by the full benefits of the crystal quartz singing bowls. She offers the benefit of tuning forks to those who are open to receiving this treatment, this also helps move energy in the body and mind to release what is preventing each person from living in alignment with their truth. Each session will last from 90-120 minutes depending on number of participants. Cacao ceremonies are offered as an add on. Cacao and sound make a beautiful combination as the cacao is a heart opener who allows participants to partake with an open heart (Ask for a quote for Cacao).
Panhuhuetl Shamanic Drum Workshop

$920 for up to the first 10 people
$92 per additional participants to 
Includes drum making supplies

Get your participants back to their primal roots with drum maker Carolina Artavia.  An accomplished drum-maker and healer, Carolina opens the workshop with a meditation called: the permission of the ancestors, to connect you and your participants with the healing sound of the medicine drum. You enter a state of elevated consciousness, then we begin the weaving of the drum where you put your intentions. With love and patience  your participants will have realizations and development of creative abilities. At closing we serve cacao and sing to activate the drum,  singing together to grandfather fire.
Shamanic Constellations with Sophie Hardy

$805 for up to 20 people

Sophie is known as an artist in radical transformation. A medicine woman and shamanic coach and mentor in the fields of healing arts and conscious sovereignty, she dedicates her life to support the journey to yourself.

She is  passionate about guiding people in their gifts, their power and their fulfillment. Whether in the intimate personal aspect, their inner work, their relationships or their leadership in business.  She offers the medicine of  soul to bring your participants inside the transformational and magical containers she creates for a powerful journey to yourself. Your participants will bloom in love, in relationship, in abundance, and open themselves to your joy and to the depth of their essence.

To finally dance to life.
Quantic Manifestation with Sophie Hardy

Quantum Manifestation 5 hour workshop 
$920 for up to 12 people

We all have dreams, we all want so much to manifest them. Quantic Manifestation is a magical and powerful workshop, where your participants learn how to make  dreams come true. Participants will receive an amazing tool to use for whatever they are wanting to realize in life. We will open the field of our infinite possibilities and embody our goals, receiving the missing pieces to reach them.

In-room Spa Services for your Participants

Therapeutic or Relaxation 
Massage Therapy 

$55 per 75 minute session with one of our certified massage therapists

Tao Healing and Massage Therapy 

$110 per 90 minute session with Ariel Mayrose

Unlike massage techniques, primarily focusing on muscle and joint manipulations, Taoist healing is an holistic art, focusing on strengthening the immune system by relaxing, balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and soul (emotions). During the healing session we concentrate on Qi, which is the energy of life. Working together with the patient, we are in constant energetic dialog, to activate the flow of Qi within the body.

Book a Personal Driver

Airport Transfers 

$110 US (55,000 Colones)

Driver for a Day (8 hours)

$220 US (100,000 Colones)

Driver & Van (11 to 14 passengers) 

$250 to 350 US - Ask for a quote

Music for your Retreat

Live Relaxation Sax

$250 per 2 hour concert

Costa Rican born saxophonist César Blanco has been playing sax since childhood.  Relax to beautiful sax music by the pool, over diner or as a meditative relaxation exercise. 
Drum Circle

$300 per 2 hour experience

If you participants just want to bang on the drum all day, we got you covered.  Get your participants back to their primal beats with musician and healer Ariel Mayrose.  
'Tuning in - a musical offering'

With Omri and Tamar

$800 per 2 hour concert

Hailing from Isreal, this talented duet...

1  night


+ $15 cleaning fee



+ $15 cleaning fee

1 week (10% off)  

$476 $429

+ $15 cleaning fee

What make us unique

Stunning west coast views

Internet access

Orthopedic mattresses

Serene place perfect for yoga and meditation

Fresh water, spa/grade 
infinity pool

Hot water throughout 

Beautiful natural surroundings

Conscious Sustainable Community

Room darkening curtains

Low curb shower access

Windows and doors fully screened

Indoor outdoor living

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The fully furnished interiors also have

Hot water faucets




Laundry access

Tile floors

Excellent lighting

Drinking water

Kitchen utensils Including blender

Coffe pot & Electric Kettle

Ample Outlets

Full bathroom

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Pool Baths

Pool loungers

Jungle setting

Pool deck

Green areas


Private Terrace

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