In Spanish, Vista Mundo means “View of the World”

Imagine living in a place where you can gather amongst friends to be refreshed and renewed.

This Intentional Community is being created by members of the Evolutionary Business Council and their community, an alliance of transformational leaders and conscious thinkers from around the world. 

Our core values include family, fun and freedom.

We believe  that by building a better community, we can built a better world, Vista Mundo is that community.

Through fun, cultivating community initiatives, being committed to sustainable living, we nurture an environment of learning, delight and introspection. We provide a community that is a wellspring of joy and freedom for all who participate in the Vista Mundo experience.

Perched on the west-facing slope, your home in Vista Mundo overlooks the Pacific coastline with glorious sunsets. Situated in one of Costa Rica’s oldest Organic coffee farms, with cooling breezes, you’re surrounded by life.


Our Origin Story

Vista Mundo is a great example of what happens when leaders from around the world want to spend more time together. This extraordinary community was born when a group of international speakers, emerging thought leaders, and entrepreneurs began to ask questions.

“What if there was an intentional community where we could visit or live and work in a place of peace and beauty?”

“What if our neighbors were people who we’d love to hang out with, be creative with, and have dinner with?”

Vista Mundo was the result of this conversation; an idea made real through the collaborative efforts between our members.

As our community grew, our friends and families, colleagues and peers began to ask how they too could be part of the Vista Mundo community. As a result of this demand, we created options both for ownership and fractional ownership where you can own a long-term lease for a set period every year.

We invite you to explore the opportunities that our community makes available for living and working in the eco-paradise of Costa Rica.

Our view is when we bring together leaders of vision who are committed to global change in a place that nourishes you mind, body, and soul…

  • Creativity is unleashed.
  • Powerful collaboration is born.
  • Ideas become reality.
  • Lives are transformed.