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A retreat center designed by retreat hosts, for retreat hosts!

Vista Mundo works in partnership with retreat hosts to create low-risk high impact retreats. Our goal to help retreat hosts minimize their risk by allowing flexible booking options. Book the basics you need now, and you can change and add to your booking later. You are required to pay basic non-refundable minimums to move forward with your retreat. You can add other options as you need them.

Book Your Retreat

Step 1 - Share your contact information

A Vista Mundo staff member will contact you once you’ve completed the other steps below. 

Step 2 - Book the Retreat Room - Select your Event Dates and Duration

Our event room is being made available to you at no cost from 8 AM to 5 PM daily. Should you wish longer duration we can arrange that at a small additional cost (based on availablity).

Event Space rate is based on the time of year you book
Dates you are requesting for event space (Note if you have a credit or certificate on file)
Step 3 - Food services - check all that apply
Dates you are requesting food services (please let us know if you plan day trips away when you will not need meals)

Basic Meal Package
This provides Vegetarian cuisine from one of our world class chefs for three meals each day without desserts or coffee service.
The minimum food booking is for the first 10 people at a cost of:

Add Additional people. Please note, special dietary requests are not included in the base food package and must be treated as an added person.

The number of people you’d like to add above the 10 person minimum

AM Beverage / Coffee Service Package (10 person minimum)

Afternoon Beverage Service Package (10 person minimum)

Step 4 Accommodations Booking 

Choose how you want your registrants to book their rooms

OPTION 1 - They book their rooms directly from us at the following rates

Rent by the Twin Bed (no kitchen) per bed per night $94 Green Season, $104 High Season, $114 Holiday Season

Rent by the One Bedroom Suite (sleeps 4 with kitchen) per night of $129 Green Season, $149 High Season, $169 Holiday Season

Rent by the One Bedroom Suite (sleeps 2 with kitchen) per night - $109 Green Season, $129 High Season, $149 Holiday Season

OPTION 2 - If you wish to add a surcharge for your participants' accommodation. You may book out our 3 x 2 Bedroom Casitas which sleep a total of 17 people with shared accommodation.

Total cost for all three is $449 Green Season, $557 High Season, $767 Holiday Season per night.

Deposit owed on this option is 15% of the total. 35% is due 90 day before the event. Remaining balance due 10 days prior to the event.
Step 5 We ask you to agree to work cooperatively with Vista Mundo such that we both profit
At Vista Mundo, we’ve created a new model for hosting retreats to make it less risky for event hosts to secure a facility upfront. The average retreat facility in Costa Rica expects a $20,000 USD commitment up front to book a space. By creating a contract that allows you to pay in stages we are alleviating the risk for you as the event host. As such we are trusting that you will keep Vista Mundo’s interests in mind and assist us in profiting from the event as well. To ensure we both win from this event we ask you to commit to having integrity around the following:
No outside food or snacks 
You commit to using Vista Mundo services that you need as offered
By clicking here, I understand that for Vista Mundo to hold these rooms I will be required to pay according to my agreement in Step 6. I accept that deposits are not refundable as outlined above, but may be held as credit for future events. Failure to pay these deposits gives Vista Mundo the right to release these bedrooms publicly
I agree to treat Vista Mundo fairly by ensuring that, in general, we do use Vista Mundo’s contractors to provide the additional services that our event might need. I am a person of integrity and will abide by my word. See our Cancellation Policy here.
Step 6 - Secure your booking
Total amount owed - a Vista Mundo staff member will contact you to pay and secure your booking.

Once the deposit has been received your booking is confirmed.  Please note: deposits must be made within 1 week of booking, or we will be unable to guarantee the dates requested.
Payment via credit card, bank transfer and are all acceptable.  Please indicate below how you will be paying and if as lump sum or in 2 payments. 
Choose one of the 3 options below:

1. Pay total up front and receive a 5% discount on your total if booking more than 90 Days in advance
2. Pay in stages for dates booked more than 90 days in future
    15% required within one week of booking
    25% is due 90 calendar days prior to event
    Remaining 60% balance due 10 days prior to event.
    Any additional charges incurred at the event due on event completion
3, Pay in stages for events less than 90 days in future
    Deposit 40% of the total due within 48 hours of booking
    Remaining 60% balance due 10 days prior to event
    Any additional charges incurred at the event due on event completion
Step 7 - Extra Services

Our staff will reach out to discuss your other event requirements. We can provide additional event items or services such as shopping, printing or arranging massages or gifts for your guests. Please, CLICK HERE to book an appointment with us to discuss your booking.

Vista Mundo will assist in Marketing your event via our Website and other marketing programs in exchange for a %20 affiliate commission on any tickets we are responsible for selling.  Please advise us if you wish to enter into this agreement with our Marketing team. 
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