Spanish Lessons

Have fun learning conversational Spanish with your neighbours and friends


Vista Mundo Centrar, Berlin Costa Rica

Do you know how to

speak in Spanish?

Have fun learning conversational Spanish!  A mastery of Spanish can help you get better jobs, cross-cultural friendships and allow you to travel to different countries.  This will be a low-pressure playful environment where you learn by doing.  Using techniques of accelerated learning, you will be placed in an environment of doing games and conversations to help you learn to speak the same way children naturally learn languages – without extensive memorization or studying.  You’ll focus on saying simple but complete sentences as they are said in Spanish so you can easily converse.

You will master:


  • Commonly used vocabulary for basic conversations
  • The 7 most important verbs needed to have a conversation in Spanish
  • Basic use of grammar
  • How to pronounce words properly in Spanish
  • Familiarizing yourself with the different Spanish accents
  • Having fun with common Latin Slang


Jefry is an accomplished Costa Rican entrepreneur who would love to help people learn the Spanish language. His broad education curriculum just makes him the perfect fit to teach Spanish. He is a Latin native. Teaching and helping people to improve their Spanish is his passion. 


20% of proceeds go to paving roads in our community.


Classes every Wednesday


PRICE:  ¢30 / month – paid up front

DATE:  Wednesday October 7th

TIME :   4:30PM 

LOCATION:  Vista Mundo Centrar