Other things you need to know

Zoning Allowances

Lots that front along the public road (lots 1 to 14) have a different zoning. These lots may have development up to 80% of the footprint of the lot, with the exception of restrictions due to water, which the use de sueulo will show. Lots on the road constructed by Vista Mundo (lots 15 to 22) have a different zoning and may be developed up to 15% of the footprint of the lot with the exception of restrictions due to water. This will be defined in the Uso du suelo.



Each lot will be serviced with electricity, water and roads to the perimeter of the lot. You will have to install a septic system with your building, which is the norm in Costa Rica.

Due to the tropical climate, septic works extremely well in Costa Rica and is consider the preferred manner for sewage disposal.

High speed internet is available in Costa Rica in several forms. It is currently available as landlines at our development and we have confirmed that if contracted through ICE that all lines would be fibre optic. BVB/MAK will assist you in arranging that on request.


Land Use

There is a land use agreement for coffee maintenance with Efrain, the former owner of the property in effect for up to 12 years. Your purchase of the lot allows you to build and remove any coffee you need to build and landscape while he has rights to harvest any coffee remaining for up to 12 years. We recommend keeping this arrangement as it is both sustainable, community oriented and provides some level of security and maintenance of your land. Should you wish to have these rights bought back; you have to request it of BVB/MAK, and there will be no further cost to you to do this.


Additional Fees or other things to Expect

  • Legal fees for land transfer
  • 6% of sale for all transfer fees
  • Typical Building costs range from $50 to $120 a square foot. Developers and project managers typically do projects on cost plus %10 to %15.
  • Incidental costs, such as the cost of wiring money legal cost of closing are at buyer’s expense.
  • Be aware that there are frequently unexpected delays in CR due to bureaucratic details and inefficiencies, weather and other factors beyond the control of BVB/MAK. The best possible contractors and insured crews will be utilized to reduce some delays as best possible. Weather and bureaucrats are less able to be managed
  • Once the lots are available for building, there will be a monthly community fee. This fee will rise once the pool and business resource facility is in place. At the point of full service, this fee is expected to be in the range of $100 per month ±10%



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