Location, Geography and Climate

Location, Geography and Climate

Located just outside the quaint town of Berlin, San Ramón, Province of Alajuela, Costa Rica, the area can be difficult to locate on-line. But is easy to find once you’re in Costa Rica.

Approximately 14 km south of San Ramón, you can find the community on Google maps at GPS location 10°00’40.3″N 84°28’47.2″W

The climate in this region is warm enough to live indoor-outdoor. Many of the homes in the area have outdoor kitchens or living areas. Because of the 2800 ft altitude you will not need air conditioning.

google map view to sea

Costa Rica has two distinct seasons, Green Season and Dry Season. In green season (Jun to Nov) you will see morning sunshine on most days with late afternoon cloud, mist or rain. Dry season (Dec to May) is mostly sunny. Despite tropical latitude of area, temperatures tend to be very mild year-round: 21-27 C (70-80 F)

The project comprises several combined farms that were used to grow coffee, bananas and other food. It is rich in birdlife and other wildlife such as monkeys, toucans, sloths, parrots and frogs. The altitude makes insect pests uncommon.


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